The view is typically the first thing to be photographed and the last thing to be forgotten when travelling so why have a room with a view when you can have a bed with a view?

To celebrate the breathtaking surroundings in which they reside, these hotels have opted to give guests the ultimate experience by capturing panoramic scenes from the bed.

From the wildlife gazing to snow-capped mountains, the MailOnline Travel has revealed the top 10 best hotels for panoramic views.

Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

Right up close to the action, the Loisaba Star Beds and jaw-dropping views of the Kenyan countryside.

Located over a waterhole that is regularly visited by the local wildlife, guest can lie in beautiful hand-carved beds and watch the action unfold.

Royal Lancaster London

Referred to as one of London’s finest hotels, the Royal Lancaster London has sweeping views over Hyde Park.

With perfectly positioned windows, London’s incredibly skyline is celebrated everywhere you look.

Iso Kyoto Hotel, Finland

Tucked away into the snowy mountains in Finland, the view from the Iso Kyoto Hotel is hard to fault.

The Eagle Suite, right at the top of the building, over 360-degree views of the stunning landscape.

OZEN by Atmosphere, Maldives

This Maldives retreat offers guests a life of luxury with every villa fitted with a large outdoor deck that glides towards to ocean.

“Lie back and enjoy the view’ has never been more relevant here as guests can enjoy the crystal clear water views from bed

World's best hotel views Iso Kyoto Hotel

The world’s best hotel views have been revealed

Located in a remote part of Newfoundland, the Inn has just 29 guest suites.

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

Located in a remote part of Newfoundland, the Inn has just 29 guest suites.

Each suite is handmade modern with a splash of contemporary design, but it’s the views that keep guests flocking.

Arakur Ushuaia, Argentina

Set high into the Argentinian mountains, the hotel overlooks the Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén.

To celebrate its beautiful location, guests can marvel and the stretching views.

Harbour Moon, Cornwall

Tucked alongside the Cornish coast, the Harbour Moon is a one-bedroom cottage in the village of Mousehole.

The elegant main bedroom overlooks the harbour allowing guests to wake up the bustling port outside.

Best hotel views: Arakur UshuaiaArakur Ushuaia

The Arakur Ushuaia is set high into the Argentinian mountains

Best hotel views: Baglioni Hotel LunaBaglioni Hotel Luna

Guests at the Baglioni Hotel Luna can enjoy panoramic views over Venice

Gritstone PurePod, New Zealand

As the name suggests, the bedroom really is a pod. Made of glass and nestled into the hillside a night here will bring you closer to nature than ever before.

Situated in a vineyard, the PurePod is less than an hour from Christchurch.

Mystique Hotel, Santorini

This beautiful hotel is carved into the rocks of the Caldera cliffs.

Hanging over the turquoise waters, guests will wake up each morning to a view of blue than spans for miles.

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, Russia

The 180 bedrooms of the Four Seasons in Russia offer visitors to explore Moscow’s steep history in total luxury.

The five Grand Premier suites are located on each corner of the building offering stunning views of the city below.

Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice

Venice is renowned for its breath-taking views, and the Baglioni Hotel Luna does not disappoint.

Perfectly positioned, travellers can enjoy panoramic views of the San Marco Basin and the island of San Giorgio

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