• Track Santa using two methods, and check on his progress live here
  • Google and NORAD have set up a tracker for Christmas Eve
  • Follow along on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop

Christmas is nearly here, and Santa is making his way around the world delivering his gifts.

But where is Father Christmas right now? And how many presents has he managed to deliver?

Luckily for inquisitive minds, there are two ways to follow Santa Claus this Christmas Eve.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command are using their state-of-the-art satellites to track Santa for one day only, and his progress can be followed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Google have also created an app that will follow the progress of Santa and his sleigh throughout the day and night.

Santa Tracker LIVE: Where in the world is Father Christmas now?

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 3:56pm

Santa is making his way across Malaysia at the moment.

He has delivered close to 1.5million gifts across the world.

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 3:18pm

Santa is now en route to Brunei, having just parked his sleigh in Macau. He is currently flying over the sea to get to his next destination.

His gift count is 1.3million and rising fast.

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 2:24pm

Santa is currently in Japan, and will be heading to South Korea next.

He has delivered well over one million gifts at this point, with many more set to reach homes globally.

santa tracker track father christmas norad google
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Santa Tracker live: Track Father Christmas and find out where in the world he is

santa tracker track father christmas norad google

Santa tracker live: Watch Father Christmas make his way around the world

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 2:01pm

Father Christmas is now in Babeldoab, Palau, after visiting Australia.

He is close to delivering 900,000 presents to children around the world, with thousands more to go.

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 1:38pm

Santa has reached Australia, having visited Sydney and now on his way to Canberra.

He has delivered over 793,000 gifts, and is rushing on to his next destination.

Sunday 24 December, 2017: 1:22pm

Santa is now in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. He was last seen in Yigo, Guam.

He has delivered an astounding 714,813,526 gifts at last count.

santa tracker track father christmas norad google

Santa tracker live: Father Christmas will be delivering presents to homes around the world tonight

santa tracker track father christmas norad google

Santa tracker live: Don’t forget to leave treats out for Father Christmas tonight

In 2014, NORAD logged almost 20 million visits to its Santa Tracker.

But while Santa may be having a wonderful journey around the world on his sleigh, some are struggling to get home today.

Travelling by train during the festive period can be difficult with engineering works and cancelled trains.

For anyone wanting to travel on Christmas Day 2017, no train lines are currently running. But there are Christmas Eve train services across the nation.

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