Hotel secrets dirty room cleanliness check

Hotel secrets: How to check if your room has really been cleaned before you

Hotel rooms hide many secrets regarding the cleanliness of the interior.

Experts have previously revealed how items including drinking glasses, throw pillows and even the remote are rarely cleaned.

While disgusting to think about, guests often don’t realise the germs that can hide in a hotel.

There are a number of ways to check if a hotel room has been cleaned, so guests can then complain to the front desk if they find the cleanliness lacking.

Hotel comparison website spoke to exclusively to reveal what you can look out for when checking in.

The headboard can also be full of dirt and bacteria, especially if it is a fabric headboard


The bed, many would assume, is always cleaned when it comes to putting fresh sheets on, but there are a number of ways to check this. explained: “First, check the sheets; do they have stains or marks on them? Are they crinkled and smelly? If so, then your sheets likely haven’t been changed.”

The pillows shouldn’t escape a good checking too.

“Flip the pillows over and see what the underneath is like too,” they said.

The headboard can also be full of dirt and bacteria, especially if it is a fabric headboard.

“You’ll often find old hairs or bits of fluff on these if they haven’t been dusted or been seen to with a lint roller,” explained.

Hotel secrets dirty room cleanliness

Hotel secrets: Mirrors with fingerprints can also reveal a dirty room


Some of the dirtiest parts of a hotel room can be in the bathroom. explained how the “corners” are the best place to look as they are the places where mould can grow easiest.

Otherwise, the mirror can be a great way to check if the room was cleaned.

They explained: “Fingerprints and other marks will be obvious to the naked eye so if you spot these, alarm bells should be ringing.”

The drinking glasses are sometimes only cleaned with furniture polish as opposed to a good wash.

The hotel comparison site advises guests to use “disposable cups” if in doubt, or at least rinse the glasses being drinking from them.

Hotel secrets dirty room cleanliness check

Hotel secrets: The pillows may not have been cleaned beforehand


Guests who are particularly fussy can give the whole room a quick “light dusting”.

Light switches and door handles should be the first port of call having been “fondled with by every single guest that has stayed in that hotel room”.

What other parts of the hotel room hide some dirty secrets?

An anonymous hotel worker previously revealed how the kettle can be much more disgusting than imagined.

This is down to guests using it to boil wash their undergarments in.

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