Flight attendant hero story hijack crash

Flight attendants: Brave stories of cabin crew who saved hundreds of passengers

The aviation industry recently recorded the safest year on record, with 2017 having no commercial fatalities.

According to Aviation Safety Network and Dutch aviation consulting firm To70, the fatal accident rate is one for every 16 million flights.

Despite this, a number of shocking tales in the past have revealed terrifying incidents that occurred during a flight.

Terrorist attacks, engine failures and onboard accidents are just some of the most dangerous things to happen in the air.

Within the accidents, inspirational stories emerged of some of the heroic crew members who ended up saving the lives of the passengers onboard.

Neerja was shot and killed while shielding children onboard

Neerja Bhanot, Pan Am

The 22-year-old flight attendant and model was travelling on Pan Am Flight 73 when it was taken over by four terrorists in 1963.

Born in India, Neerja was working with the cabin crew when the incident occurred at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

The terrorists asked the flight crew to hand over all passports onboard, something which Neerja and other crew disobeyed by hiding any which were US citizens, realising they were the targets.

After 17 hours in a hostage situation, the terrorists started shooting and when they ran out of bullets, passengers managed to escape.

Neerja was shot and killed while shielding children onboard. Of the 360 passengers, 20 were killed.

Her death came just one day before her 23rd birthday, and her parents set up the Neerja Habnot Pan Am Trust in her honour upon her death.

She was also awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously, the highest peacetime military decoration in India.

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Flight attendants: The burnt out remains of BOAC Flight 712 where Harrison was killed

Barbara Jane Harrison, BOAC

The British flight attendant was aged just 22 when she was onboard BOAC Flight 712.

After leaving London Heathrow Airport on 8 April 1968, the flight was bound for Sydney when an accident occurred almost immediately after taking off.

The second engine caught fire and fell from the plane, leaving the gaping hole burning. The aircraft managed an emergency landing but as the fire intensified, the flight crew attempted to evacuate passengers.

Barbara was the only flight attendant to stay on the plane, with another member at the bottom of the inflatable slide.

She remained onboard to help passengers out but became overwhelmed with the smoke and fire and died onboard protecting an elderly disabled woman.

Barbara became the only woman to receive the George Cross in peacetime, and one of only four women in history to receive the honour.

Flight attendant hero story hijack crash

Flight attendants: Pilot Chesley Sullenberger was forced to land on the Hudson River.

Captain Sullenberger, US Airways

In 2009, Captain Chesley Sullenberger was forced to land a plane in the Hudson River after a bird strike took out both engines.

The US Airways Flight 1549 had just left LaGuardia Airport when the accident happened.

Knowing he wouldn’t make it back to the airport, he made the landing in the river, before evacuating passengers out onto the wings. He was the last person to leave the plane

All 155 passengers survived, as well did all of the flight crew.

He was labelled a national hero and a subsequent film was of the story with Tom Hanks taking the lead of the 2009 film Sully.

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