Holidays 2018 annual leave

Holidays 2018 : How to get the most out of your annual leave

Holidays can be a tricky thing to navigate when it comes to getting the best price as well as having a long enough break away from the office.

One difficult element is having enough annual leave to use for a long holiday without using it all up in one go.

UK citizens working five days a week must receive at least 28 days of paid annual leave, which equates to 5.6 weeks of holiday according to

Many employers include the bank holiday dates included in this, so removing those eight days means the minimum that workers must have is 20 days a year.

Holidays 2018 annual leave

Holidays 2018: Using the May bank holidays can almost double the time off

The month of May has two bank holidays, May 7 and May 28

If choosing a comfortable two-week holiday break, this means a standard worker can only have two trips in a year before they have used all of their leave up.

Utilising the bank holiday dates, however, could get people as much as 24 days off in a row whilst just using 14 days of their annual leave.

The month of May has two bank holidays, May 7 and May 28 which can be used together.

Workers should book their holiday from May 5, which is a Saturday, to May 29, which is a Tuesday.

Holidays 2018 annual leave

Holidays 2018: A holiday in May can be stretched much further

This means that, with the two bank holidays, only 14 days of annual leave will be used but nearly a whole month of holiday can be taken off.

Of course, it is all dependent on whether the boss allows workers to take this much time off.

But by doing this, it also means the worker has at least another six days of holiday to use up.

If they decide to travel over two weekends, then the six days left could then add up to another holiday of ten days.

Holidays 2018 annual leave

Holidays 2018: 14 days of annual leave can give as much as 24 days of a holiday

Anyone wanting a summer holiday later in the year can use just four days of annual leave for a nine-day holiday, if booking from August 25 to September 2, using the bank holiday.

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