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Flight attendants: How do they stay healthy on a plane?

A flight attendant has revealed how they try to avoid falling ill whilst travelling by plane.

Being 33,000 feet in the air whilst in a contained cabin means that it is easy to pass an illness around if one person is sick.

Shreyas, a flight attendant who has flown with five airlines, revealed on Quora how she managed to stave off sickness whilst on a flight.

She revealed that some of the best things to do are to avoid the food on a flight.

Avoid eating food from the airline since it is high in salt and oil

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She explained: “Avoid eating food from the airline since it is high in salt and oil and unhealthy to consume if it’s everyday.”

The calories found in the in-flight meals can be much higher than people realise, due to the taste buds changing in the air.

Sheryas explained that most of her colleagues followed the same rule, as well as at least “four litres of water a day” and “exercise regularly”.

All of these techniques can help the immune system stay strong so it can battle any illness or disease easier.

flight attendant secrets

Flight attendants: Eating well and exercising regularly can help stay healthy

If it is a long-haul flight, she suggested that sleep may be the cure.

She explained: “Try and sleep before and after the flight especially during a long haul flight.

“Jet lag is something which is unavoidable so try to maintain the same timings.”

Avoiding illness on a plane can be difficult so passengers should make sure to always wash hands and wipe down surfaces such as the plane arms and the tray tables.

flight attendant secrets

Flight attendants: Sleep can also help keep the immune system healthy

Circulated air can cause long-term issues on flights, according to a new study.

The World Health Organisation study analysed 20 cabin crew members who had been exposed to plane air and had reported health problems such as headaches, dizziness and breathing issues.

The air on a plane can easily be contaminated by engine oil and aircraft liquids.

Dr Michaelis, part of the study, explained how to stop this from happening: “They need to stop delivering air directly off the engine, unfiltered. They have the technology – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is doing it already. “

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