Mount Agung Bali volcano has erupted, and is likely to erupt again at any moment – with ash currently being hurled 9.800 feet into the air.

Indonesian authorities have raised the volcano’s alert to the highest level and expanded the danger zone to six miles.

Flights and travel are affected, with major airlines grounding planes and travel disrupted for many holidaymakers.

These are the latest updates from each of the airlines affected, including AirAsia, Virgin, and JetStar.

UPDATE Saturday 2 December 4.03pm

The Foreign Office [FCO] reported it has a team on the ground helping holidaymakers get home.

A spokesman told MailOnline: “Our consulate in Bali are monitoring the situation closely and are in touch with local authorities. 

“We also have a team at the airport liaising with airport officials and airlines, and providing additional support to British Nationals.”

bali volcano travel update latest airasia jetstar virgin

Bali airport flight status live: Latest airport and travel update

Saturday 2 December 10.44am

Jetstar executive David Lau said: “We’re on track to operate seven flights out of Bali today before flying conditions around Denpasar airport deteriorate this evening and we stop flying.

“The current forecast is that the Mount Agung ash cloud will remain close to Denpasar Airport for at least 24 hours, making it unsafe for us to operate flights.

“As a result we have cancelled all of tomorrow’s daytime flights in and out of Bali.

“We will contact all of you affected by these cancellations and rebook you on alternative services.

“Over the last three days, Jetstar and Qantas have operated several daily relief flights and together we’ve been able to bring more than 7,000 people home.  Our senior pilots will continue to monitor flying conditions and we will resume flying as soon as it is safe to do so. 

“When conditions improve we will again add extra relief flights out of Bali to bring people back to Australia as quickly as possible.

“We understand this is a frustrating situation so thank you again for your patience. We will provide another update tomorrow. Take care.”

bali volcano travel update latest airasia jetstar virginTwitter/AirAsia

Bali airport flight status live: AirAsia shared this statement today on Twitter

bali volcano flights travel update latest airasiaTwitter/AirAsia

Bali airport flight status live: AirAsia shared this updated schedule for today on Twitter


Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar has reopened, and AirAsia will resume “limited daytime flights” to and from Bali.

The following flights are scheduled to operate as scheduled:

AK376 Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar, Resumed  AK377 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Resumed

D7798 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Resumed  D7799 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Resumed

FD396 Bangkok Don Mueang – Denpasar, Resumed  FD397 Denpasar – Bangkok Don Mueang, Resumed

QZ503 Singapore – Denpasar, Resumed  QZ506 Denpasar – Singapore, Resumed

QZ559 Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar, Resumed  QZ7532 Jakarta – Denpasar, Resumed

XT401 Denpasar – Tokyo Narita, Resumed XT402 Tokyo Narita – Denapasar, Resumed

QZ534 Denpasar – Perth, Retimed to 08:35hrs  QZ535 Perth – Denpasar, Retimed 12:50hrs

QZ551 Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar, Retimed to 09:30hrs  QZ552 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Retimed to 15:50

QZ556 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Retimed to 17:40hrs  QZ7510 Jakarta – Denpasar, Retimed to 05:15

QZ7511 Denpasar – Jakarta, Retimed to 15:30hrs QZ7912 Bandung – Denpasar, Retimed to 14:15hrs

QZ7913 Denpasar – Bandung, Retimed to 13:00hrs FD398D Bangkok Don Mueang – Denpasar, Retimed to 07:00

FD399D Denpasar – Bangkok Don Mueang, Retimed to 13:05 XT853 Kuala Lumpur- Denpasar, Retimed to 12:55

XT852 Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Retimed to 16:30  XT7624 Surabaya – Denpasar, Ferry Flight

XT8440 Denpasar – Yogyakarta, Retimed to 08:15

bali volcano travel update latest airasia jetstar virgin

Bali airport flight status live: Travellers face long delays at the airport

Virgin will operate two recovery flights from Denpasar to Australia

Virgin Australia

Virgin will operate two recovery flights from Denpasar to Australia after assessment by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre deemed flying safe.

Virgin Australia wrote on their site: “Virgin Australia plans to operate recovery flights from Denpasar to Australia tomorrow, subject to a review of flying conditions again tomorrow morning. Depending on conditions, fuel stops may be required for some flights.

“Please be advised that due to the ongoing eruption of Mt Agung in Bali and the uncertainty surrounding flying conditions, Virgin Australia is not flying guests into Bali at present. As a result, flights from Australia are cancelled tomorrow.

“Please note, for those that have had flights cancelled tomorrow, the flight number associated with your booking will still be visible on our flight status page as we are needing to ferry the aircraft over to Bali to operate recovery flights while conditions permit.”

bali volcano travel update latest airasia jetstar virgin

Bali airport flight status live: Major airlines are cancelling flights due to the volcano

bali volcano travel update latest airasia jetstar virginTwitter/JetStarAirways

Bali airport flight status live: JetStar shared this update on their Twitter acount today


Jetstar updated their information this morning to inform passengers they will run seven flights today but due to changes in conditions, evening flights are cancelled. They had planned to run 18 flights.

The airline will contact those booked onto flights directly. They note these flights may still be cancelled at short notice due to changes in volcanic activity.

They will not be operating any flights from Australia to Bali on Friday 1st December. The airline wrote: “If conditions remain clear, we will look to resume scheduled services from Australia to Bali in the coming days.”

Customers in Bali will be booked on relief flights “in order of who has been disrupted longest” and will be contacted via email or SMS.

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