airline rules hand luggage knives

Airlines are to allow knives onboard a flight in new regulations

Passengers travelling on Canadian and international flights from the country will now be able to take a knife with them onboard.

New rules from Transport Canada states that blades up to “six centimetres in length” are to be allowed within their hand luggage.

The new rules are to follow on from changes regarding the security of flights, stating it is also to “harmonise with international standards.”

Other items including certain powders are still banned.

Flights to the US will remain unchanged due to the strict laws on knives in hand luggage

Effective from today, the website states: “Transport Canada will also amend the list so that very small knife blades (6 cm or less—about the size of a large paper clip) will not be prohibited on domestic or international flights.”

Flights to the US will remain unchanged due to the strict laws on knives in hand luggage: “To respect our security screening agreement with the United States, knife blades of any length will remain prohibited on flights to the United States through preclearance facilities. 

“Razor blades and box cutters of any size will remain prohibited at all screening checkpoints.”

Some every-day items are still banned,  however.

airline rules hand luggage knives

Airlines, under new Transport Canada rules, will allow 6cm blades to be taken onboard

Bath salts, baby powder and sand are still banned from being brought on board, no matter how little is brought on.

Tea, coffee and baby formula are still allowed in whatever quality.

It isn’t the only shocking thing to be banned from flights if travelling at Christmas.

Heightened security means that items such as Christmas crackers are banned from all luggage due to falling under the explosive substance banned.

This ban is upheld by Ryanair, Emirates and Norwegian airlines, although British Airways and Virgin Atlantic do allow them if sealed.

airline rules hand luggage knives

Airlines still ban baby powder being brought on a flight

Chestnuts and party poppers are also included in the ban.

Sporting equipment, fishing rods and tent pegs are also banned as they could be used as a weapon.

The tent itself, however, is still allowed onboard.

This surprising holiday gift is also banned, much to the confusion of travellers.

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